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"Digital Bel-Air installs, maintains, monitors and delivers
Digital Cinema Movies to your home."


What does Digital Bel-Air do?

Digital Bel-Air is the total package for digital cinema private screening rooms. We provide design, installation, automation, full maintenance, monitoring and delivery.

The process starts with a great design. We provide full detail computer drawings and specification requirements for each installation.

Followed by assembly and installation, each custom installation is carried out by Digital Bel-Air Engineers.

Our automation system includes total client control: lights, curtains and presentation. All functions can be controlled by user friendly Crestron touch screens.

All systems can be monitored by Digital Bel-Air support staff via internet connection. Tech support is immediately available at the push of a button on the Crestron touch screen or by phone.

All movies are delivered and loaded on to a digital cinema server by Digital Bel-Air staff.

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What is our Experience?

Gordan Stroud and his team bring many years of experience working within the film/digital post-production and distribution industry. Gordan Stroud has worked at many of the largest studios in the entertainment industry. With a full understanding of digital media delivery for all aspects of digital cinema presentations Digital Bel-Air is able to provide the latest technology in full turn key 2k Digital Cinema systems exclusively to the Bel-Air circuit.

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What is Digital Cinema?

Digital Cinema is essentially the end objective of the cinematic evolution from 35mm film to digital media for cinema presentations. The reasons for this transition include reducing 35mm print costs, environmental concerns and eliminating dirty and scratched film prints. Movies will now be delivered on reusable hard drives and loaded into servers.

Over the past 2 years, both the entertainment and cinema industries have determined that "2k" or better resolution projectors will be the accepted resolution for the 35mm Film to Digital Cinema evolution. 2k resolution also offers consistently better light and a more stable picture when compared to normal theatrical exhibition.

Globally there are about 1200 screens that are digital cinema and the number is growing every day.

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Advantages of Digital Cinema vs. 35mm Film

35mm Film

  • High maintenance mechanical equipment.
  • Each print has its own courier.
  • High power consumption.
  • Projection booths often require a minimum of 250sq feet to accommodate.
  • Inconsistent picture and sound due to natural wear and tear.

Digital Cinema

  • A solid and more stable picture and optimum sound presentation every time.
  • One courier for all titles.
  • Multiple titles can be loaded on to one server.
  • Low maintenance electronics i.e. minimal moving parts.
  • Full automation for customer control of start and stop times of all features.
  • Instant online service support and local field response when needed.
  • Projection booth size can be greatly reduced, in some cases to 1/10 the size of a film booth.
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What Equipment Do We use?

Digital Bel-Air uses only the latest technology in 2k or better projection equipment, specializing in projectors designed for professional studio screening rooms. Each projector is carefully selected for the specific needs of the individual screening room for light requirements, screen type and picture size.

5.1 digital sound systems are also customized to fit each installation for ideal sound. All systems include full automation and Crestron control specific to the customers needs. Everything from window shades, lights, screen settings to climate control can be programmed for effortless show starts every time.

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What about Security?

Digital Bel-Air is providing all the accepted requirements for administrating software security key as is expected to ensure the trust of studios and film makers. It is our goal to be "the" trusted and reliable source for digital delivery to the Digital Bel-Air client.

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